Do You Know Where Your Invitations Are Being Made?

Just like the wedding gown industry, invitations from premium brands are being copied and cheapened abroad. Although they may appear to be similar, they are often riddled with flaws and defects. For example, sometimes when the invitations are shipped, they arrive with a terrible chemical odor from using noxious chemicals. American factories are governed and regulated to not allow these chemicals to be utilized in production. If you can smell it, think about the exploited factory workers who are exposed to these toxic conditions on a daily basis. You shouldn’t have to spray your invitations with Febreze and you also shouldn’t support unethical working conditions.

Do you want to to risk your guests receiving an invitation or envelope that is smudged? Manufacturers abroad often use a printer to color white paper instead of using premium colored papers. When your invitation is stuffed, mailed, processed, handled, and exposed to varying temperatures, it can result in your guest receiving a flawed invitation with smudges on the invitation or envelope.

Most companies abroad are communicating via email and aren’t fluent in English. It’s also likely that they don’t understand all the nuances of incorporating Hebrew into an invitation. The creation of a custom product demands perfection and that requires the supplier to understand every word of every sentence in your invitation.

If there is a necessity for all or part of your order to be redone, do you want to risk having a remake being shipped from another part of the world when time is of the essence? If there’s an interruption in shipping to the US, your invitation dealer can’t do much to help you.

Consumer pressure for more affordable options has outsourced a large part of the invitation industry. That’s why we feel the need to educate our consumers and make them aware of these factors. If you are taking the time to go to a retailer to order an invitation, then you must care and want it to be a true reflection of your good taste. And it makes sense to order a time-sensitive product made specifically for you in the US because your dealer has control over the outcome and can be assured of a timely delivery. Plus, you are supporting the American economy and enabling skilled, passionate designers, printers, assemblers to keep doing what they to love to do; contribute to a beautiful finished invitation that you can send to your guests with pride.